Michelle Chord Melody

Here’s a new chord melody arrangement of Paul McCartney and John Lennon’s “Michelle” for solo guitar. In addition to being a pop tune, it has become a standard in the jazz repertoire.

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  1. Ilya says:

    Perhaps the most interesting thing I have ever seen in a bluegrass jam was at Merlefest about 8 years ago. My Dad was in a jam that grew larger and larger as word spread that he was pickin’. There was a fairly stable inner group for probably 45 minutes or an hour when a rogue mando guy pushed his way to the front and started to take a break. This did not please my Dad who reached over with his bow, tapped the guy’s knee, and shook his head no. Dad let it go for about 15 minutes and then nodded to let the guy know his turn had finally come. It was one of my first experiences at a jam, the first time I’d been at one with Dad, and it reminded me that somebody always has to take the lead even when some people don’t initially recognize them as the leader. When things go awry, the leader has the power to bring things back under control (or not), and usually folks will follow or leave the group to find new pastures if they are unhappy. Not bad ideas to remember in business and in life.

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