I currently offer private guitar, piano, banjo, and mandolin lessons in Newark, New Jersey. I am also available for correspondence lessons via Skype or individualized instructional videos.

Students of all ages, interests, and skill levels are welcome.  Lessons are designed to suit the individual student’s musical interests and goals while providing the technical and theoretical fundamentals essential to success.

I offer group demonstrations, workshops, and clinics.  Group classes focusing on old-time musical styles are also available.

Correspondence Lessons

There are currently three options for correspondence lessons.

If you do purchase from Mike Op Music online, you will receive an email providing you access to your purchase within 24 hours. Please be sure to check your spam folder for email from Mike Oppenheim or Mike Op Music.

Skype Lessons

A live, one-on-one music lesson in real time. It’s just like we’re in the same room, but we’re not!  $25

Customized Video Lessons

I design a video lesson with accompanying text, notation, and analysis based on specific questions I receive from students. The lesson may be based on a particular song, general attributes of a style, improvisation, music theory, or any topic of your choice.  $20

Video Lesson Archives

Video and text lessons on general topics relating to performance, musicianship, composition, and music theory are available.  $4

Specify Lesson by Title

Mike Op Music Instructional Series 

The Mike Op Music Instructional Series is a new product line utilizing multi-media formats to present music courses on a variety of topics.

Beginner Guitar Series

This eight-part program is intended to get you started with the basic chords and strumming patterns and concepts you will need as you progress in your exploration of the wide world of guitar. Read more about it here.  $25