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Welcome to the exclusive section of my website! This content is my way of thanking you for your interest in my music and instructional materials. Please feel free to post any questions or feedback you may have. I’m happy to respond with clarifications, or even with lessons catering to popular requests. This is a forum for you, so let your voice be heard!

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All lessons are available for download.


Lesson 1: Variations for Fingerstyle Guitar

Freight Train

Freight Train 1

Freight Train 2


Lesson 1: Incorporating Rolls and Melodies

Playing Melody with Bluegrass Rolls РIntroduction and Analysis

Worried Man Blues Banjo v1

Worried Man Blues Banjo v2

Worried Man Blues Banjo v3


Music Theory

Lesson 1: Diatonic Intervals and Ear Training 

Ear Training Fundamentals

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