About Me
I am an educator, performer, composer, and researcher based in Newark, New Jersey.  A multi-instrumentalist, I play and teach the guitar, banjo, and mandolin in a variety of styles. My background is in music, anthropology, and ethnomusicology, with significant jazz, world music, and folk music influences in my playing and writing. I’ve played and studied jazz, bluegrass, and fingerstyle guitar,  North Indian classical music, Sundanese gamelan, and West African drums over the past several years, developing a diverse musical palette and aesthetic.

About the Website
This site is a portal to share my music, teaching expertise, and general music interests. In the blog, you’ll find a broad range of topics including playing advice, suggested listenings, and my thoughts and ideas on musics from across the globe. On this site, you will also find access to educational resources as they become available. If you are interested in pursuing lessons, I currently teach in the Newark, New York City, and Westchester areas and online via Skype.