Original Compositions

A Night in Dzodze

“A Night in Dzodze” is an Afro-jazz fusion piece I composed for a class in African rhythm. The composition draws on familiar rhythmic archetypes from the music of the Ewe ethnic group located in West Africa. The instrumentation features traditional Ewe percussion instruments juxtaposed with melodic and harmonic instruments commonly found in jazz combos. Check out the Notations section of this site to see the leadsheet and full score. Many of the instrument sounds are sampled. Special thanks to Jonathan Adams for the production of this track.

Leo’s Hedges

This is the first solo instrumental I composed, dating probably to October 2007. The song was inspired by Leo Kottke and Michael Hedges, hence the name. The concept behind it was to have a subtle melody emerge from a tapestry of harmonically and timbrally interesting sounds.



This is my arrangement of the Beatle’s classic “Michelle” for solo jazz guitar.

Moe ‘Uhane (Dream Slack Key)

“Moe ‘Uhane” is an example of Hawaiian slack key guitar. This piece was composed by the legendary guitarist Sonny Chillingworth.

Blues in G

This fingerstyle guitar composition is based on an accompaniment played by the Texas bluesman/songster Mance Lipscomb.

Demo Clips

Guitar – Electric Blues

Banjo – Clawhammer

Dulcimer РOld-Time

Bluegrass – Banjo Lead

Bluegrass – Mandolin Lead

Hindustani Music – Mohan Veena

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