Teaching Philosophy

My lessons differ fundamentally from other music lessons in their goals for the student. Instead of just showing how to play repertoire mechanically, the example being taught is broken down conceptually as a model of other songs in the same style, idiom, and key. Each of the concepts are integrated into the lesson materials, alongside technical issues and performance tips. This enables the student to gain a deeper insight into the musical object as it fits into a broader category. This insight will develop the student’s ability to perform, compose, and improvise in the style spontaneously and creatively, instead of mechanically recalling memorized licks.

Lessons are directed toward producing more advanced players, but students of all levels will find these lessons useful. Beginning players, or those not well-versed in the theoretical side of music, will develop a performance repertoire and receive sound advice on playing technique. Intermediate and advanced students can benefit from the conceptual and theoretical analysis pertaining to any given tune in a lesson. All students can advance their knowledge of fundamentals and music theory through lessons dedicated to these topics as they apply to the instrument of choice.