Video Lesson Archives

Previous customized video lessons become available for purchase from the video lesson archives. There are currently four guitar lessons in the archives. The songs these lessons are based on are featured on this Youtube playlist, also embedded below.

James Alley Blues in C

Based on the first video of the playlist, this lesson offers a standard-tuning arrangement of the material performed in an alternate tuning. Based on the intro, a rhythm accompaniment and full realization of the song is taught. This lesson consists of video and tablature/notation.

James Alley Blues in D

Learn to play the Roger McGuinn arrangement of James Alley Blues. This is available as a free sample lesson at the Instructional Series Sample page.

Needed Time

Learn Eric Bibb’s arrangement of Needed Time in drop-D tuning. This lesson covers the chord shapes, embellishments, picking patterns, and arranging concepts used by Eric Bibb. This lesson consists of two videos.

Ritchie Allen

Learn singer-songwriter Chuck Brodsky’s tribute to Philadelphia baseball legend Ritchie Allen. Played in alternate tuning EADGBD. This lesson teaches the chord shapes, picking patterns, and melodic fills in Chuck Brodsky’s style. This lesson consists of video and tablature/notation.


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