Jun Muay Thai

The first month at Jun's

Trainers and students at Jun Muay Thai 10/10/12

The gym is an open air structure with one mirrored wall, two boxing rings, padded floors, and a row of 12-15 heavy bags and tire punching bags. There are often between 8-10 trainers to direct shadowboxing, coach on the bags, spar, and do padwork with clients.

Trainers and students at Jun Muay Thai 11/10/12

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  1. Erika says:

    Hi Mike, just stumbled on your website, great pics. How have you been lately? Did you and Sillvie receive my email with the photo’s? I tried to get the grouppicture which was taken when I was training at Jun’s. Unfortunately I did not receive an answer from Jun. Is there a chance you can get this picture for me and send it to me by email? It was taken in the week of 14-18 January. I would be very gratefull if you could help me with that!
    Take care and give my regards to Sillvie
    Erika (from Holland, the chinese martial arts girl with the injured shoulder)

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