New Year’s Resolutions

It’s a little late, but one month into 2013, I’ve finally settled on some resolutions for this blog! I’m adding a couple of new running topics to the blog such as album and concert reviews, instructional book, DVD, and website reviews, and tips and advice for those studying or pursuing a career in music. Here are some of the things in store for 2013:

Albums of the Month

So far, 2013 has been a great year for my own music listening habits. I’ve found great music from artists I’ve always been aware of, but never heard, unknown gems from some of my favorite musicians, and artists I’ve only now discovered. The first notable recordings are the new Wayne Shorter live album Without a Net, Juluka’s revolutionary and classic Universal Men, and the classic Shakti album, Natural Elements. Full reviews are coming soon, and will be posted about every 10 days.

Tune of the Month

Here I’ll be sharing arrangements of guitar, banjo, and mandolin songs, including traditionals, covers, and originals. These may include solo guitar chord melodies, lead sheets, duo and trio arrangements, or full scores. This is my way of sharing my approach to music with fellow performers and students.

Advice on a Music Career

As a music instructor, performer, luthier, and researcher (among other things), I’ve approached making a career in music from many perspectives. I’ll share my own experiences and advice that may benefit other musicians looking to make their passion a career.

Guitar in World Music Series

Guitar International Magazine will be publishing a multi-part series of articles dealing with the guitar in music cultures around the world. These articles cover the guitar in world music from historical, cultural, and musical perspectives, while providing suggested listening and reading guides for anyone interested in exploring new musical genres.

Discussion Forums

For me, music has always inspired great conversation and is a perfect way to learn about the world. Please follow me on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter to join conversations on a variety of musical topics

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  1. admin says:

    With my Going Places with Guitar: World Music series in full swing at Guitar International Magazine and my ongoing African-American History Month: Representations of Race in American Music series, I’ll be pushing back the new columns until March. But they are on the way!

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