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Ear training is one of the fundamental skills a musician works to acquire. Recognizing intervallic relationships between different notes enables accurate sight singing, transcription, imitation, and allows the improvising musician to know what how something will sound before they even play it!

Ear training is a multi-faceted discipline, involving passive and active stages of development, recognition of diatonic and chromatic intervals, both ascending and descending, and the ability to discern intervals in both melodic and harmonic contexts.

The first step to developing a trained ear is to recognize the basic intervals. One of the most common methods for recognition is by relating specific intervals to their occurrence in familiar tunes. In my new Youtube series, intervals are taught in just this manner, by identifying the intervals in order, and immediately providing their sound in the context of a melody.

Ear Training – Interval Recognition Part 1 is now available. This video provides the mnemonic devices for the ascending diatonic intervals.

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    Highly descriptive post, I liked that a lot. Will there be a part

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